Inspirations for Your Jane’s Walk

Going on a Jane’s Walk this Spring, leading a walk, or planning a walk in Toronto? Get inspired by these visualizations below of the Technology, Arrivals, Gender, and First Nations walkshops (also called workshops) held by Jane’s Walk Toronto back in 2014. The themed walkshops had speakers and brainstorms about people, resources, and organizations related to those… Continue reading Inspirations for Your Jane’s Walk

What is Innovation?

Think creatively about innovation with these statements. If you are not making mistakes every now and again, it is a sign you are not being innovative. You have to be comfortable making mistakes when trying new things. This result doesn’t mean mistakes are mandatory for creativity to occur, but they are likely to happen. Risk… Continue reading What is Innovation?

Eggplant Pepper Relish, A Versatile Dish

If you are looking for versatile dish that can be all these things below: served hot, cold, or room temperature vegetable dish appetizer used as ingredients in a sandwich, burger, etc. Check out the eggplant pepper relish recipe at All Recipes. The recipe is flexible and you can change the amount of ingredients with the… Continue reading Eggplant Pepper Relish, A Versatile Dish

BBQ the Healthy Way – Healthy BBQ Options and Alternatives

This post about having healthy barbeque foods was written by guest blogger Lesleanne Blakeley. In the information and the table below, she outlines some popular BBQ foods and suggests some healthier alternatives to typical barbeque foods allowing you to reduce your intake of fats, calories, and sodium. — Known by some as ‘Canada’s Birthday’, July 1st brings… Continue reading BBQ the Healthy Way – Healthy BBQ Options and Alternatives

Summer Drink that is Refreshing and Easy to Make

Mix the following ingredients together into a refreshing drink for the summer. It’s loved by the whole family. You can varying portions of lemon juice for the refreshing taste and maple syrup for sweetness. Lemon juice x 1 tablespoon Maple Syrup x 1.5 tablespoon Ginger, finely chopped x 1 tablespoon 325-500 ml of carbonated water, e.g. Clearly… Continue reading Summer Drink that is Refreshing and Easy to Make

Chickpea Salad Recipe – 30 minutes prep, goes well with meat and bread

Here is a recipe I used for a salad potluck at work based on a Food recipe. Preparation time may take you longer depending on how fast you can prepare the vegetables. “Chickpea Delight” Summary Preparation time: 25 minutes for ingredient preparation, 5 minutes for mixing, Wait 60 minutes for salad to settle. Serves:… Continue reading Chickpea Salad Recipe – 30 minutes prep, goes well with meat and bread

Helpful GIMP Tips and Tutorials

Gimp On Ubuntu

About GIMP and Inkscape GIMP is a raster/bitmap graphics tool and Inkscape is a vector graphics tool. Together they meet most graphics needs in photo/image manipulation and creation of scalable graphics and offer free/open source alternatives to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Answers to Common Questions on: Drawing simple shapes Layer manipulation Combining images and photos Application… Continue reading Helpful GIMP Tips and Tutorials