Graphic Recording and Visual Note taking of Talks

Graphic record visual notes of Jane's Walkshop on Arrivals by Justin Tung

Graphical records of events, talks, and training session stimulate learning, increase audience engagement and post-event sharing, and assist with memory of the content. View visual notes by Justin Tung on Flickr and see a snapshot of some below. Vive la doodle revolution!

Visual notes with text, pictures, icons, and info flows


Inspirations for Your Jane’s Walk

Going on a Jane’s Walk this May 2014, leading a walk, or planning a walk?

Get inspired by these visualizations below of the Technology, Arrivals, Gender, and First Nations walkshops (workshops, no walk though) held by Jane’s Walk Toronto over the last few months. The themed walkshops had speakers and brainstorms about people, resources, and organizations related to those themes.

Walker? – Get an idea of what you might see on your walk and questions that come up for people in the city.

Walk Leader/Volunteer? These visualizations will give you ideas on questions to ask, places to see, and how to plan and what to do your on walk.

While drawing the visualizations at each walkshop, I learned a lot about Toronto, how to plan awesome walk, and heard about people and organizations doing great stuff in the city.

See you out on a Jane’s Walk and if you’re interested in water and nature in the city, join me on my walk called “A Raindrop’s Journey in Rosedale Valley“!

Click on each image to see a larger version.

Technology Walkshop 2014 held by Jane's Walk

Arrivals Walkshop 2014 held by Jane's Walk

Gender Walkshop 2014 held by Jane's Walk

First Nations Walkshop 2014 held by Jane's Walk