Information Technology Services

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Get a website

Website Development covers development of a website to suit a business or personal identity.

Update content on a website

Content Updates and Website Maintenance covers publishing new content or changing/improving materials on an existing website.

Get help on an IT solution through testing, analysis, & documentation

Systems Analysis and Consultation will handle the analysis of an IT solution and can cover the following needs:

  • Feasibility, options, and estimates for an idea.
  • Recommendations on an IT project / business solution including infrastructure, security, and technology.
  • Consultation on implementation of IT systems.
  • Functional testing and test automation and documentation.
  • Technical systems documentation

Check and comply with web accessibility standards

Web Accessibility involves a review of the website for accessibility and recommendations to improve the site according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Changes to the site and its content can be made depending on the remediation needed and technologies involved.

Complete software development/programming tasks

Java Development services can be focused on programming or middleware tasks related to Java such as work on web applications, configuring server software (WebSphere, Tomcat), and application deployments.