Dragon Boat Services

Four dragon boats lined up at a start line

Dragon boat coaching and steering services for beginner and community level teams around the Toronto, Ontario, Canada region. Contact Justin to request a service or ask a question.

About the CoachJustin-Profile-OPSCanadaDay2012

Justin Tung has been involved in the sport of dragon boating since 2004 in both racing and management roles. He has aided captains/coaches on his teams with steering, practices, and paddler organization and has had a variety of experiences on dragon boat teams and regattas allowing him to connect with both new and experienced paddlers.

Justin is passionate about the success of teams both on and off the water. He has been on the executive of the OPS Dragon Boat Club and aided in the success of the club’s dragon boat programs/regattas, promotions, and team management for 4 teams per year and upwards of 80 members in the club including being accountable for the club’s finances.

Services Description and Safetyjustin-flying-dutchman

Teams being coached will received the following at practices and regattas:

  • Dragon boating basics including commands and tecnique.
  • Race day preparation activities and strategies.
  • Individual feedback for paddlers.
  • Practice planning.
  • Fitness and nutritional tips.
  • Safety is always important in any sport and teams will receive information on common safety practices and Dragon Boat Canada safety guidelines.


Justin’s qualifications listed below will provide a safe, fun, and fulfilling dragon boating experience by ensuring coaching aligns with Canadian sports and coaching organizations and knowledge of marine navigation, safety, and communications is applied.

CertificationsDragon boat in a race with Justin at back steering


Coaching, race competition, and steering experiences on the following teams:

  • OPS Civil Dragons Paddler: 2004-2007
  • OPS Uncivil Dragons (formely Dragonflies) Steer: 2005, Paddler: 2008-2014
  • Rusty Dragons various teams Steer: 2011-2012
  • OPS Flying Dutchman Coach: 2011-2014
  • OPS Star Oars Coach: 2014


Prices may vary depending on site of practices/regattas.

  • $59.97 per 1 hour practice
  • $99.97 per 1 day regatta