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Public Works and Greater Good

I am a servant of the public as a communications and IT jack of all trades and am always willingly to fundraise and volunteer for the greater good and play sports for fun! 🙂

Justin’s LinkedIn profile provides a profile of work, volunteer, and education.

My desire is the knowledge on this blog serves to assist you in the following areas:

  • Toronto Community and resources about Toronto, Canada
  • Cooking – recipes I’ve used and what are good about them
  • Information Technology – new technologies, development, practices, software, open source, middleware
  • Web Stuff – social media, web accessibility, standards
  • Communications and Marketing – marketing, planning, design, people, relationships
  • Creative – Photography, graphics design
  • Coaching and Dragon Boating – technique, race strategies, practice plans. I enjoy my summer evenings racing Dragons.  Dragon boats that is on Lake Ontario as a sports coach and avid paddler.

Communications & Digital Technology Services

I enable other businesses through my communications and IT services which provides information technology (IT), marketing, creative, and sport coaching services towards a vision of connecting people and information on the web.

I’ve worked on more than 100 successful Information and Communications Technology (ICT) projects, online services, and websites with partnerships across Ontario and Canada since starting in the IT industry in 2000.

For four of those projects, I was in IT teams that accomplished the following “firsts”:

  • ­First government service to have a money-back service guarantee in North America reducing a 20 weeks service turnaround time to 15 days guaranteed. The service combines 3 levels of government, has an 85% satisfaction rate, and makes life easier for parents to register their babies.
  • First government inter-jurisdictional messaging gateway in Canada.
  • First data center in the world to receive Uptime Institute’s Tier 4 certification for operational sustainability. The award winning data centre is the first of its kind in North America to receive both Uptime Tier IV (for operational sustainability) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification and involved the migration of 400 applications and 829 servers.
  • First integration of portal, security public key infrastructure, and web services within the Ontario government.

I work for the Government of Ontario and volunteer with various organizations to bring a diversity of skills including communications & marketing planning, IT infrastructure & service management, security, web standards & accessibility, and systems analysis across technology platforms including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and open source software.


Every request made will go a planning phase to obtain your needs and create a solution to address your requirements. The combination of technology, marketing communications, and graphics services provided are to increase the number of channels available to connect with people. These services cover social media, email, websites, ads, graphics, and face to face channels.


Prices and rates will be estimated for you or your organization and project you have in mind.

Blog Highlights

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The post “Resize and expand a Virtualbox hard drive and media made easy” has helped 130,000 viewers with their VirtualBox questions and includes lots of reader feedback.

Referenced by Google

The Google Online Marketing Challenge referenced my post called “Google AdWords Campaign Strategy and Results Example” covering a Google AdWords strategy and implementation developed by a group I was in for a  web marketing class.

Practiced in the Real World

All food recipes are ones I’ve prepared myself and all coaching techniques and plans are ones used in practices with different teams.