What is Innovation?

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Think creatively about innovation with these statements.

  1. If you are not making mistakes every now and again, it is a sign you are not being innovative. You have to be comfortable making mistakes when trying new things. This result doesn’t mean mistakes are mandatory for creativity to occur, but they are likely to happen.
  2. Risk management is a core competency of successful and effective innovators. Careful learning and experimentation in controlled conditions to learn more about opportunities. Risk management deals with possible threats and risks, but also looks at opportunities that can occur. Sometimes innovation can be driven from accidents that have positive outcomes.
  3. Innovations are often born from “unofficial activity” – e.g. work that is not part of corporate work, a project, or operational work. Unofficial activities provide the opportunity to cross boundaries and make connections that normally would not be made such as working horizontally across an organization.
  4. Innovative change can come from individual initiative and attitudes as supposed to solely from leadership and organizational units devoted to research and development. Leadership and R&D units in a large organization will be important for innovation to occur by encouraging staff to be innovative and empowering them. However, the organization also needs to have a creative culture and passionate staff who have a natural human drive to explore and create and are motivated to tackle problems.

Steps to Innovation


  • Use your hidden talent to open up doors
  • Encourage diverse thinking (many ideas and perspectives) and approaches to reach set goals.

Have a good idea?

  • Share it and make it real with the group
  • Explore possibilities and work collaboratively on a project


  • Be aware of new initiatives within and outside your environment like innovative trends in your industry or in other places around the world.
  • Try new technologies, processes, and tool.
  • Engage with people to share your knowledge.

By Justin Tung

Servant of the public as a communications and IT jack of all trades. Always willingly to fundraise and volunteer for the greater good.

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