4 Steps to Optimize a Website with Keywords

photo credit: slapjack

Want to make it easier for people to find your website? Use these 4 steps. People find things online using search. One of the ways you can ensure you show up in their search results is with keywords which are similar or exactly the same as what people are searching for. Keywords should be relevant… Continue reading 4 Steps to Optimize a Website with Keywords

Social Media and Website Management for Club

Cornell Club of Toronto Website and Social Media channels

News/events information, feedback form, and content about Cornell Club of Toronto posted on website and social media Facebook and Twitter channels. Email marketing through newsletters and social media community management linked to websites.

Online Security (via Bryan Soliman Blog)

If you’re looking for a concise introduction to online security, check out my work colleague Bryan’s blog. You can find further information on ethical hacking and web application security in Bryan’s published work in PenTest Magazine. The Basics of Online Security – features, technology used, and consumer issues: Abstract Magalhaes (2003) explained that e-commerce requires… Continue reading Online Security (via Bryan Soliman Blog)