Start with a Plan to Market Your Product

Deming Cycle: Plan > do > check > act

When promoting an organization, service, product, person, or event, you must start from a plan outlining goals, people you want to engage, and what you plan to do.

When working with people on communications I always ask them whether they have a plan. Following a plan will ensure you meet your goals whether it is to raise awareness, change your audience’s behaviour, build relationships, or reinforce desired behaviour.

Here is an outline for a integrated marketing and communications plan which includes concepts practiced by people from strategic communications, marketing, and public relations.

  1. Organization’s goal and communications goal
  2. Context / Situation
  3. Target Audiences
  4. Strategic Approach, Key Messages
  5. Tactics (schedule, communication channels, budget, actions)
  6. Evaluation (metrics)

You can start a integrated marketing and communications plan template with these headings and fill in details as you go. Usually the tactics section will be large since it is a detailed plan of actions you will take and how they relate to your goals and audiences.

Here is an example integrated marketing and communications plan from a mid-sized sport organization if you are looking what a plan can contain.


By Justin Tung

Servant of the public as a communications and IT jack of all trades. Always willingly to fundraise and volunteer for the greater good.

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