Have you see a unicorn in Toronto? I have in innovative marketing

Unicorn sighting in Don Valley
Unicorn sighting in Don Valley

The Ontario Science Center (OSC) has started an innovative marketing campaign for their Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids exhibition.

Unicorn sighting and emergency unicorn hotline?

The full social media news release from the Ontario Science Center called “Rumoured Unicorn Sighting Reported In Don Valley” has several engaging elements designed to pull readers in:

  • 15 second video of a unicorn sighting (see below).
  • A phone hotline people can dial in to report unicorn sightings and get more information.
  • Story from an eye-witness about the sighting in a traditional news format.
  • Common news elements:
  • Ontario Science Center logo, contacts, and social media channels.
  • Related links, news, and tags and comment functionality.

Nurturing the Buzz

I gave the “emergency unicorn hotline” a call which gives an interactive voice response system asking if you want to report a unicorn sighting or if you would like information about unicorns and the Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids exhibition.

The story, short video, and use of a telephony system together creates a good framework for a viral marketing campaign and there already has been buzz on the Ontario Science Center’s Facebook and Twitter channels.

Unicorn sighting video

Random closing thought

Do unicorns believe in humans?


By Justin Tung

Servant of the public as a communications and IT jack of all trades. Always willingly to fundraise and volunteer for the greater good.

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