Dragon Boat Race Start Fit for Various Teams – 5-15

The purpose of a start in dragon boat racing is to increase the speed of the dragon boat during the beginning of the race so the team can settle into a race pace.

Generally the stroke rate during the middle and end of a start will be the high. The follow describes the stroke rate and power of the 5-15 (or 5-5-10) start.

For all types of teams, the key to a start is paddling together at the same time while increasing the boat speed.

First 5 – Deep, Long, Strong, and Powerful Strokes

The first five strokes are to get the boat moving from a stationary position. They are slow, powerful strokes that are deep in the water.

Second 5 – Increasing Stroke Rate

The next five strokes should be slightly faster than the first five to accelerate the boat and get it sitting higher in the water.

Fast 10 – High Stroke Rate

The next ten strokes should even faster in rate than the last 10 and possibly a shorter catch and bring up the boat speed close to the race speed.

5 Transition Strokes After the 20 Start strokes

After the 20 start strokes, there should be a transition period of slower, farther reaching strokes. 5 is a good number.

After the transition, the team can settle into a race pace consisting of long and strong strokes.

Table Description of the 5-15 Start with 5 stroke Transition

5 Strokes – Get the boat moving 5 Strokes – Start to accelerate the boat 10 Strokes – Increase the boat speed to race pace 5 Strokes – Transition

By Justin Tung

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