Digital Communications Plan Example

The plan outlines the OPS Dragon Boat Club digital communications for 2012 which is part of the club’s larger integrated marketing and communication planning (IMC plan). Digital Channels Official Club website on proprietary hosting platform – Canada Day website on proprietary hosting platform – Twitter @opsdragonboat – Flickr Photostream – Facebook […]

Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan Example

The plan is a sport club Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan and reflects strategy, implementation and evaluation of communications.

Anatomy of a Jane's Walk in Toronto: Raindrop’s Journey in Rosedale Valley

The walk traced a how a raindrop travels along Rosedale Valley Road to the Don River and taught walkers about the valley’s history while learning about water quality and conservation.

Graphic Recording and Visual Note taking of Talks

Graphical records of events, talks, and training session stimulate learning, increase audience engagement and post-event sharing, and assist with memory of the content.