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How to Configure Proxy Settings in Linux

Posted updated January 26, 2021 Here are two different ways to configure Linux to recognize a proxy server or proxy configuration file. 1. Export Command for Proxy Environment Variables Use the following commands to configure your proxy for http and ftp traffic on the command lineexport http_proxy=http://: export ftp_proxy=http://: If your proxy requires login/authentication, you […]

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Installing VirtualBox guest additions on Fedora

Happy Holidays! This celebration season post¬†covers installation of the VirtualBox guest additions on Fedora while using yum to update the kernel sources. The steps were tested in Fedora 13 (GNOME), Fedora¬†14 (GNOME), and Fedora 15 (XFCE and KDE). A common problem in installing the guest additions on a new copy of Fedora is the guest […]