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Eggplant Eggplant Pepper Relish
Pepper Relish, A Versatile Dish

‎July-‎27-‎11, ‏‎10:30:42
PM | Justin Tung

If you are looking for versatile dish that
can be all these things below: served hot, cold, or room temperature vegetable
dish appetizer used as ingredients in a sandwich, burger, etc. Check out the
eggplant pepper relish recipe at All Recipes.

BBQ the Healthy Way – Healthy BBQ Options and Alternatives

Healthy BBQ Grill‎July-‎06-‎11, ‏‎11:59:25 PM | Lesleanne Blakeley

This post about having healthy barbeque foods comes from guest blogger Lesleanne Blakely.

In the information and the table below, she outlines some popular BBQ foods and suggests some healthier alternatives to reduce the intake of fats, calories, and sodium in typical barbeque foods. […]

Internet Advertising and Web Marketing Implementation ResourcesWeb Marketing Word Art

‎June-‎21-‎11, ‏‎1:10:05 AM | Justin Tung
The list below provide sources to be used with the development of electronic / web / online marketing as well as integrated electronic communications. Good marketing implementation resources Google Advertising Programs (AdSense and AdWords) and Microsoft Advertising provide a variety of advertising opportunities both through search engine marketing (SEM), TV ads, content network ads, website […]

Dragon Boat Race Start Fit for Various Teams – 5-15

‎June-‎20-‎11, ‏‎11:56:27 PM | Justin Tung
The purpose of a start in dragon boat racing is to increase the speed of the dragon boat during the beginning of the race so the team can settle into a race pace.
Generally the stroke rate during the middle and end of a start will be the high. The follow describes the stroke rate […]

Dragon Boat Paddling Technique Tips

‎June-‎20-‎11, ‏‎11:44:11 PM | Justin Tung
Here are some quick tips and mental reminders about basic positions in the dragon boat stroke and what to think of.
Setup of the stroke (aka “the catch”) Reach forward and bend forward. Keep your arms fairly straight, but do not lock them totally straight.
See the “A” frame in the picture for what that […]

Summer Drink that is Refreshing and Easy to Make

‎June-‎15-‎11, ‏‎11:44:49 PM | Justin Tung
Mix the following ingredients together into a refreshing drink for the summer. It’s loved by the whole family. You can varying portions of lemon juice for the refreshing taste and maple syrup for sweetness. Lemon juice x 1 tablespoon Maple Syrup x 1.5 tablespoon Ginger, finely chopped x 1 tablespoon 325-500 ml of carbonated water, e.g. Clearly […]

Royal family on the balcony - Acknowledgement for image is given to Wikipedia Wedding in Communications and Storytelling Context

‎May-‎05-‎11, ‏‎12:31:46 AM | Justin Tung

What in the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on April 29, 2011  captured people’s attentions and emotions ?

What would engage an estimated 2 billion people who watched or listened to live media broadcasts of the wedding? Communications Goal: Essentially, it was a story of love and celebration of partnership that engaged people […]

Chick pea salad called Chick Pea DelightChickpea Salad Recipe – 30 minutes prep, goes well with meat and bread

April-‎27-‎11, ‏‎9:49:52 PM | Justin Tung

Here is a recipe I used for a salad potluck at work. Preparation time may take you longer depending on how fast you can prepare the vegetables.  “Chickpea Delight” Summary Preparation time: 25 minutes for ingredient preparation, 5 minutes for mixing, Wait 60 minutes for […]

Online Security (via Bryan Soliman Blog)

‎April-‎23-‎11, ‏‎10:56:35 PM | Justin Tung

The Basics of Online Security – features, technology used, and consumer issues: Abstract Magalhaes (2003) explained that e-commerce requires huge commitment in securing online transaction of users’ credit card information, and other personal information. The top of the list of consumer complaints about e-business is the data security breaches, the identity theft and the phishing […]

Google AdWords Campaign Strategy and Results Example

‎April-‎12-‎11, ‏‎11:58:13 PM | Justin Tung

Below is a Google AdWords campaign strategy and post-campaign report for a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign for the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. The AdWords marketing campaign was planned and done by a team I was in for the Google Online Marketing Challenge and also as part of a web marketing class at the University of […]

StatisticsService Level Metrics for Middleware and Server Performance Monitoring

‎March-‎31-‎11, ‏‎7:08:27 PM | Justin Tung

Below are examples of metrics and measures that are common when looking at IT infrastructure, middleware, and server performance.

Why People Use These Metrics These metrics are useful when: Considering service level metrics for infrastructure hosting providers and applications. What to charge clients based on usage of infrastructure services Quality, stability, and capacity of infrastructure services […]

No Malware On WindowsRemoving viruses, trojans, and other malware from your Windows computer

‎March-‎12-‎11, ‏‎4:36:32 PM | Justin Tung

These steps are easy when you know exactly when your Windows computer  has been infected (e.g. inserting a USB stick, visiting a website with malicious software on your browser). At the time of infection or shortly after infection, perform the following steps: Immediately turn off your computer and unplug it from the network / internet (remove the […]

Helpful GIMP Tips and TutorialsGimp On Ubuntu

‎March-‎12-‎11, ‏‎3:37:17 PM | Justin Tung

Below are commonly asked questions and solutions for GIMP new users and deal with: Drawing simple shapes Layer manipulation Combining images and photos Application of filters   Basics Draw a straight line via GIMP Tutorials Drawing shapes in Paths (Bezier Tool) via GIMP Tutorials Fading parts of images to white (or other colours)  The fade […]

Enlarging a Virtualbox virtual driveResize and expand a Virtualbox hard drive and media made easy

‎January-‎06-‎11, ‏‎12:12:11 AM | Justin Tung

Often, people find their virtual machine hard disks are too small for usage needs. Below are steps showing you how to resize and expand an existing VMDK or VDI virtual hard drive in VirtualBox for use with a guest virtual machine (VM). Things to know There are suggestions below to help you avoid having to […]

Installing VirtualBox guest additions on Fedora

‎December-‎25-‎10, 10:53:55 PM | Justin Tung

Happy Holidays! This celebration season post covers installation of the VirtualBox guest additions on Fedora while using yum to update the kernel sources. The steps were tested in Fedora 13 and 14. A common problem in installing the guest additions on a new copy of Fedora is the guest additions install will complain about missing kernel […]

Solving audio issues in Windows Movie Maker 2.6

‎December-‎17-‎10, 11:26:52 PM | Justin Tung

If you are experiencing low, degraded, or bad audio quality in the movies you created in Windows Movie Maker 2.6 (MM 2.6), check out possible solutions below. The solutions are aimed at when you are adding audio to a movie such as adding soundtracks with wav and mp3 files. The quality of these input audio […]

Find and match open ports and services in Windows

‎December-‎16-‎10, 4:13:29 PM | Justin Tung

When running Windows, operating system tools allow you to find the mapping of a open TCP/UDP ports to a running service or application. Netstat: Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP networkconnections Use > netstat /? to find information about the options and usage for the command. To find all connections and listening ports, use: […]

Network connectivity troubleshooting step by step with commands

‎December-‎03-‎10, 12:39:08 AM | Justin Tung

This post is an enhanced version of my post on common practices for troubleshooting firewall rules that have been implemented to allow a server to connect with another server. To help users in troubleshooting problems with network connectivity and firewall rule implementations, included below are step by step commands one can execute on a Windows or Unix […]

Install LAMP Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin on Fedora

‎November-‎08-‎10, 3:31:33 PM | Justin Tung

Below are steps to install the LAMP stack on a Fedora Linux server – Apache HTTP Server, MySQL (database software) and PHP (or Perl or Python). Things to know Commands below are executed as root (or prefixed with sudo). The steps have been tested on Fedora 14. Instead of localhost for the steps below, you […]

System administration 2: Firewall rules troubleshooting

‎October-‎24-‎10, ‏‎10:37:11 PM | Justin Tung

The following is a list of common practices for troubleshooting firewall rules that have been implemented for a server’s connectivity to another endpoint. Confirm Firewall rules Implementation Operating system Level connectivity test on established ports from source server/firewall to destination server/firewall. Test should verify routing, network address translation, ports, and URLs where applicable.  If there is […]

Command keySystem administration 1: Useful Commands on Windows and Unix/Linux

‎October-‎24-‎10, 10:22:49 PM | Justin Tung

This post lists common commands used in Windows and Linux/Unix system administration, server support, and troubleshooting. Linux/Unix The first command indicates the command name (searchable with a man page). The parens indicate useful extensions File Searching, Browsing Command Usage/Function ls (-al) List files and directories find (./ -name  or expression ‘in quotes’) -print Find files […]

Unicorn sighting in Don ValleyHave you see a unicorn in Toronto? I have in innovative marketing

‎October-‎12-‎10, 11:41:44 PM | Justin Tung

The Ontario Science Center (OSC) has started an innovative marketing campaign for their Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns, & Mermaids exhibition. Unicorn sighting and emergency unicorn hotline? The full social media news release from the Ontario Science Center called “Rumoured Unicorn Sighting Reported In Don Valley” has several engaging elements designed to pull readers in: 15 second video of a […]

Kiwi, knowledge in a wikiWorking analysis of Semantic wikis and Introductory articles

‎September-‎25-‎10, 2:06:26 AM | Justin Tung Tags: semantic wiki Semantic application to wikis and introduction to semantic wiki solutions I would like to see how the technology can aid in information management systems and am working on the following analysis: Semantic web technologies and how they can add value or be applied to information management systems. Below are introductory articles [..]

Exploration of Semantic WikisYoung Explorer discovering a creek bed

‎September-‎14-‎10, 4:56:13 PM | Justin Tung

Exploring semantic wikis which “combine wikis that enable simple and quick collaborative text editing over the Web and Semantic Web that enriches the data on the Web with well-defined meaning to provide easier way to find, share, and combine information.”